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Aloo Tikki Dilliwali                                                                                                                 €7.95
Pan-fried patties of mashed potatoes, stuffed with Indian cottage cheese, sultanas, spiced with

finely chopped ginger and coriander. D,S

Mix Bhajia                                                                                                                            €7.95
Fresh grated vegetables mixed with fresh herbs and spices, deep fried in gram flour batter.


Paneer Tikka Awadhi                                                                                                             €8.95
Chunks of home-made Indian cottage cheese marinated in a Tandoori Masala and cooked

with peppers and onions. D

Murg Tikka Bemisal                                                                                                               €8.95
Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated overnight in hung yoghurt, freshly ground spices

and slowly cooked in tandoor. D

Seekh Kabab                                                                                                                        €8.95
Lucknowi style hand ponded lamb kabab prepared with cheese, ginger and garlic. D


Amritsari Macchi                                                                                                                 €11.95
Chunks of Red Snapper marinated in ginger, garlic, carom seeds and fresh spices,
shallow fried in gram flour batter.

Peshawari Champen                                                                                                            €10.95
Select cuts of lamb chops in a marinade of crushed garlic, cloves, coriander, Deghi chilli,
fennel and hung yoghurt, slow cooked in Tandoor.

Ajwaini Macchi                                                                                                                   €11.95
Fresh salmon marinated with ginger, garlic, yoghurt, carom seeds and turmeric. F, D


Batakh Ka Roll                                                                                                                     €10.95
Barbary duck and fresh figs flavoured with star anise and delicate spices, wrapped in a
crispy Filo pastry.

Kesari Jhinga                                                                                                                      €12.95 Jumbo prawns marinate in hung yoghurt, delicate spices, Kashmiri saffron and slowly
cooked in Tandoor.

Mehek Platter                                                                                                                      €13.95
A selection of our favourite starters.
Vegetarian option also available.

* Denotes spicy dish. Allergens: G - Gluten, N - Nuts, D - Dairy, E - Eggs, C - Crustacean, M - Molluscan,
L - Lupin, S - Sulphites, CEL - Celery, F - Fish, SES - Sesame, MUS - Mustard, P - Peanuts, SOY - Soy

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