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EARLY BIRD MENU - SUNDAY to FRIDAY - 5 PM to 7 PM​ - €23.95

(Except December - Our Early Bird is replaced by our Festive Menu - Ask Staff for Details)



Aloo Tikki Dilliwali                                                                                                                 
Pan-fried patties of mashed potatoes, stuffed with Indian cottage cheese, sultanas, spiced with

finely chopped ginger and coriander. D,S

Mix Bhajia                                                                                                                            
Fresh grated vegetables mixed with fresh herbs and spices, deep fried in gram flour batter.


Murg Tikka Bemisal                                                                                                               
Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated overnight in hung yoghurt, freshly ground spices

and slowly cooked in tandoor. D

Seekh Kabab                                                                                                                        
Lucknowi style hand ponded lamb kabab prepared with cheese, ginger and garlic. D

Amritsari Macchi                                                                                                                 
Chunks of Red Snapper marinated in ginger, garlic, carom seeds and fresh spices,
shallow fried in gram flour batter.
F (Gluten Free)


Murg Makhanwala                                                                                                            

Chicken breast pieces flavoured with ginger, cardamom, dried fenugreek leaves, cashew nuts, melon seeds and finished with cream and a streak of  honey. N, D

Amritsari Bhuna Murg                                                                                                                 Boneless pieces of chicken tikka cooked in brown onion and garam masala. Garnished with spring onions. (medium hot)

Lazeez Gosht Korma                                                                                                                     

Boneless leg of lamb, diced and cooked in onion and cashew nut and melon seed gravy. D, N

Gosht E Rogan                                                                                                                     

Lean pieces of lamb cooked in a medium spicy sauce, flavoured with fresh herbs, onions, tomatoes,  homemade yoghurt and fresh spices. D

Seafood Moilee                                                                                                                     

Fresh salmon, tiger prawns and cubes of potato gently poached in a moilee sauce. F,C,MUS

( mild to medium)

Jhinga Chilli Garlic Masala                                                                                                              Tiger prawns simmered in a onion and tomato sauce infused with freshly chopped green chillies and toasted garlic.

Kadhai Sabzi                                                                                                                     

A combination of fresh vegetables, tomatoes, fresh ginger and chillies in a spicy sauce.





Indian Rice Pudding D,N

Ice Cream

Tea or Coffee

* Denotes spicy dish. Allergens: G - Gluten, N - Nuts, D - Dairy, E - Eggs, C - Crustacean, M - Molluscan,
L - Lupin, S - Sulphites, CEL - Celery, F - Fish, SES - Sesame, MUS - Mustard, P - Peanuts, SOY - Soy

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